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Boxer (short coat)  : :  Male (neutered)  : :  Senior  : :  Medium

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Being fostered in GA


We have learned a few more things about this precious soul since the last update. The day we met and picked Roscoe up at the shelter this guy was all about people. He went up to everybody that day. He was so very social with us and the other people and dogs at the shelter. We recently decided to take him to the last local farmers market in our town. We learned a lot from this experience, mainly that we do not think he has had a lot of socializing in public settings. This market had an open on 2 sides, pole barn type building and an open area where people were set up. He was not a fan of the pole building so we stayed close to the open area, but as more people came in, the more nervous he became so we went outside.

Once outside we went to the open area where vendors were, and he was doing ok, not relaxed but seemed ok with verbal and physical reassurances from us. Then the train came by and he flattened out and then pulled like crazy to get out of there, which we complied with. On our way out, the opposite direction of the train, we passed a speaker playing music and he did not like that either. So semi dense crowds, trains and loudspeakers are not on his list of things he enjoys at this time.

Another interesting experience was when a neighbor came by to drop something off. We sat on the carporch and visited, and Roscoe was very subdued and seemed somewhat guarded or protective. So I went and sat next to the neighbor so he knew she was a safe person. He was ok with that, but still seemed cautious. Very different behavior then when he is out for a walk and meets someone 1 or 2 people, not a group, he is open and happy to greet them. Just an observation to keep in mind when introducing him to people or when people come to your home. He is fine going into my father’s house where there are different caregivers there at different times. So, it may be a home protection mode for him to be aware of.

When we finally had internet installed, I had him outside on leash and he did great. He was verbally praised each time a workman passed by him. No signs of needing to defend his home or person. I did cue workers not to come up to him, just to go about their business so he could observe. He eventually bored of them and laid down and chilled. He also did fine when the tech came in the living area. He was on leash the entire time.

We have also learned that he is terrified of the vet’s office, and he is sure that the scale is trying to kill him! So, getting a weight requires a lot of effort and patience and coaxing. He is at the vets today getting his first heartworm injection. I took along his favorite blanket hoping that it will comfort him during the day while he is there.

Roscoe can pee a lot – or maybe often is a better word. Even if you have just had him out, brought him in to get your purse, walk him around before getting in the car. He loves going for rides and he has fully embraced the face out the window and his jowls flapping in the breeze.

On a lighter note – Roscoe now sleeps with us at night but is still kenneled when we are not at home. We have learned that Roscoe likes to “turtle” sometime in the middle of the night. This means he will wake up and decide that he needs to come up by your head and have you lift the covers so he can be a turtle and he pushes his way past people and another dog to find the right place in his “shell”. This lasts for a little while, until he gets too hot, and you hear him find his way out the side of the bed and he will go get a drink and come back, sometimes staying on the large ottoman and the end of the bed or joining everyone again on the top of the blankets. What a goober.

Roscoe loves his human’s morning breath – maybe because it is equally as bad as his breath is all the time?? He does like peeled apples slices as a treat, I’m hoping they might help his breath!

Roscoe can be a little jealous if you are paying attention to the resident dog and not him. He just tries to horn in on the action and moves off all broken hearted when you ignore him when he does this. At times he make posture to be in front of Lilly or seem to stand in her way or block her. She doesn’t care she just barrels through and moves him out of the way and he lets her. He doesn’t react negatively at all.

He is a messy eater. We are using a slow feeder in a raised stand. When he drops bits on the floor Lilly comes through and starts cleaning up for him. He does not react to her presence while eating at all. They share a water dish, and I mean share – if I could have gotten the picture of both drinking out of it at the same time – so cute but what a mess! He is a true water slobberer! He walks away from the bowl jowls dripping everywhere.

Roscoe is really smart! He picks up on cues, commands, and direction very quickly. We now have him sit while we put the bowl in the stand and then tell him it’s ok to eat and we are working at keeping him out of the kitchen during his meal prep and other times also. He gets very excited at mealtimes. He will pace until his food is ready and you head for his area to eat.

Roscoe has had his first Heartworm injection. He had a rough couple of days but started feeling better
after a lot of rest and his meds. He is scheduled for his 2nd and 3d shot on Nov 28th and 29th. So please
keep this love bug in your thoughts.

Roscoe is a lovely, sweet, and gentle dog. I cannot imagine why he was given up. He has the most soulful, big round expressive eyes and a face full of sugar to show age. Watching him run you would never guess he was 9! He is eager to please you and craves your attention and touch. For the most part he is a calm dog and can relax and chill in the home, but he is always game to go outside or on a car ride. He would be good with in a home with another dog with the same energy level or I think he would be content by himself. He is just an all-around super pooch to have around and very easy to fall in love with. 


  • Status: Available for Adoption (adoption info)
  • Adoption Fee: $250
  • Species: Dog
  • Rescue ID: 22050
  • General Color: Fawn
  • Color: Fawn with white
  • Current Size: 40 Pounds
  • Current Age: 9 Years 4 Months (best estimate)
  • Microchipped: Yes
  • Housetrained: Yes

More about ROCCO

Good with Dogs, Good with Kids

Special Needs: Heartworm Positive. Rocco is on his last two injections (11/28 & 11/29)

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