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Animal Success Stories
Updates on RCBR adopted dogs from their forever families!

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Today marks 4 months of living with the old man - MY BEST DECISION OF 2020! Copper continues to be comfortable stealing my chair & very proud of himself (see him sticking his tongue out at me?!) When I got up to refill my coffee, he was sound asleep on the sofa. I came back to find him in my chair, so I covered him up and took his spot on the sofa.


Chief is a 2 year old Boxer from Indiana. On his 'freedom ride' with me, we began a bond that I knew would be hard to break. He gave kisses, listened to commands from me and once 'home', he didn’t want to leave my side. Since then he has formed a strong bond with his fur brother, Rogue. Rogue's personality helps Chief stay calm and relaxed; Chief encourages Rogue to run and play when he gets the “Boxer zoomies”. Chief loves Jeep rides and walks with me. He has the typical fun, goofy Boxer personality that I have missed so much. Like pieces of a puzzle, we all fit so well together, and I’m excited to have Chief with us for a very long time!


When I saw this sweet boys sad face I knew he had to come here so I could give him all the TLC that he should have always had. It was obvious when I saw him that this boy has lived one horrible life! He is one of the most grateful dogs I've ever met and even though he felt horrible his nub would go like crazy! The vet said he had one of the worst cases of heartworm, he figured they were even in his organs and why he was piddling blood. Thanks to RCBR and donations to his care his heartworms, hookworms and fleas are gone! We got the go to do his dental and neuter which will be done mid december. I've never seen such a horrible stinky mouth in my life and I've seen plenty! Ritzy Roo has turned into the most playful happy boy and I'm grateful for every day we can love him up! 12/29/2020 Update: Ritz is eating! His dental was a rough one and he had some really bad days afterwards during the healing process. It was indeed one horrible dental, missing 12 more teeth now! They said they were horribly horribly infected. He only has two K9 teeth left on the bottom. This poor guy has been through hell and now he's finally back! No more gross fart breath!!


Omar: he's not just a dog to me. It's been almost 2 years since I lost my boxer of 10 years, Lexi. It was the hardest thing I've gone thru. I felt so much guilt even though I knew it was time. I never wanted to get another dog and go through that pain again. People who don't know would never know by looking at me that I'm a survivor. On the outside I'm normal, on the inside I'm a hot mess. On December 20, 2000, I was t-boned by a large SUV and spun around. I hit my head when the passenger seat was actually turned sideways and pushed all the way to the driver's seat. I blacked out for (I'm guessing) 30 seconds to a minute. When I came to I was so cold, all the windows were gone except the windshield. So in shock I just climbed out and went to the other vehicle while we waited for the ambulance. The first responders got there and were actually digging thru the ditch looking for me. When I told them I was the driver they all looked at me in shock and the one thing I remember is hearing "you're the driver? How did you walk away from that? I was expecting to find someone deceased when I came up on this!" After years of testing, diagnosing, and therapy fast forward to 2020. I've learned to try to live with the effects of that day but some days are real struggles. When I said I never wanted a dog again because I didn't want to feel that pain again is because my feelings (both physical and emotional)are now ten fold a normal person anymore. Sadness, excitement, anger, pain, are all heightened so more than normal. Mentally, I have a traumatic brain injury, closed head injury, severe PTSD, depression, and anxiety as a result of this accident. Physically, I was told I would notice more problems when I got older. This year it was discovered I have a herniated disc in my neck and it's most likely just the beginning of more to come. I don't know how I happened to link to Rejection Collection, I'll call it fate. Omar was the first dog I found and fell in love with him right away. He was supposed to be in Hudson, WI that day for a meet and greet so I talked to my fiancée, Sheila and she agreed we could go meet him. So we drove 3 hours, and we was amazing! We filled out the adoption paperwork and then sadly found out we were too late and Omar had been adopted. I put our process on hold because I felt Omar was the one for me and he was now in a home. I continued to watch the dogs come and go at Rejection Collection but didn't feel any were the right fit for me. For some reason, on my birthday and our 5th anniversary I was awake at 6 am and for some random reason I checked the available dogs. Omar was back!!!! I couldn't hold my excitement! I woke up Sheila and told her "Omar's back!" We had put our application process on hold so I started contacting people wanting to reactivate it! Then find out, Omar will be in Hudson again that day! So off we went, 3 hours to see this boy again! Two weeks later, Omar came home! Omar is my antidepressant, my sedative, and my calmness. We have already noticed a change in my behaviors. I'm able to sleep so much better, this week i slept thru the night all week verses getting up 5 times or more like I was. I feel calmer. I drove home through some gross snowy weather just thinking of how much I wanted to get home to Sheila and Omar. What normally would have put me in a panic, the thoughts of those two being there at the end of the drive kept me calm. Omar has quickly become part of the family. He fits in well with his snoring, farting, and drooling. He is so loved and while we are all still learning about each other he has bonded with each one of us. He loves his human brother, Bryce and even doesn't mind Bryce's guitar. He has a moody cat brother, Bentley but Omar just ignores his bad moods and loves his good moods. We are now one big happy family!


We just wanted to give you an update on Beedle! We absolutely love him to bits, he continues to be the sweetest dog and we feel so lucky to have him. He's very good with the cats and he loves everyone he meets - human and dog alike. Our families agree that he's a very good boy. He spends most of his time curled up next to Eric or me, unless he's in the mood for a nap - he spends lots of time in the new king-size bed we got ourselves for Christmas. He's had his first heartworm injection and did very well with it, although I don't think he liked staying at the vet all day. His next one is in about one and a half weeks. We're really looking forward to when he's done so we can finally take him on some long walks and let him get his zoomies out in the backyard. He seems to really like the snow as long as it's not too cold out, so he's had extra fun outside the past couple of days checking it out! Thank you again for helping us find Beedle, we hope you're all having happy holidays! Lisa and Eric

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