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You could tell Ross had been through some pretty tough times when he arrived; his beautiful brindle coat and big-eyed bulldoggie face were wrapped around a cancer-filled, weakened body. He gobbled his food like he was making up for a lot of missed meals. But what a loving, trusting wiggle-butt boy. Mr. Ross, the Ross-man, Ross-a-roni was so gentle; loved getting out for his slow, wobbly walks, laying in the grass and getting pets from all he met that he would return with polite kisses. I'm so very grateful I got to spend a couple of weeks with him, getting to know his goofy ways, cuddling on the floor & sharing yummy treats. Thanks for letting me love you to the end, Ross-a-roni boy.

A true sweetheart. She must have been loved at some point. She was covered in lesions and a bloody mess. I made her as comfortable as possible and just loved on her. She was such a gentle spirit and took it all in with such ease. Roma was deemed a hospice case; we just waited for her to tell me when it was time. She did. Crying as I'm writing this. She was a good baby and she meant something to us.

Oh Frankie, what can I say? You wanted so much to run, jump and play like a three year old Boxer should. When you were tired, you snored with the best of them. You were a typical, slobbering beautiful Boxer boy and you are so sorely missed. RCBR sprung you from the shelter after a month, and placed you in an awesome foster home for almost 2 more months. We adopted you on May 15 and you quickly claimed our hearts. Your heartworm infestation wound up being a rare case of Caval Syndrome. Healing thoughts, prayers and a veterinary team willing to try non-invasive treatments got that under control so you were started on the path of heartworm treatment. Other issues started showing up, including tremors/seizures and aggression. After 8-1/2 weeks, we realized something was very wrong deep down inside, and you needed to be free of it all. We helped you cross the Rainbow Bridge, hoping you knew you were loved and not responsible for whatever transpired before we knew you. Run free, sweet Frankie.

When I was asked to find rescue for a Boxer named Neko, I did not hesitate to contact Rejection Collection Boxer Rescue, and they did not hesitate to say, “ yes, we will help him”. Neko was a beautiful fawn 12 year old boy who had lost control of his back leg (I later found out that he was completely paralyzed). I drove 2.5 hours to his home thinking I was going to take him to the vet to be evaluated and hopefully get treatment. The moment I saw him I knew he had no quality left in his life. He was barely able to move. His owner helped me put him in my car and I drove 30 minutes to the vet with tears in my eyes. I only knew Neko for a couple hours, but as I held him, I whispered in his ear how beautiful he was and that he was not going to suffer any longer. I felt as if he was every dog who has had to suffer at the hands of a human. It gave me a clarity that I had not felt before. Because of a rescue, I was able to get Neko the relief he needed so he could cross over the Rainbow Bridge and run free. I realized how very important we are as rescuers to so many animals who deeply need us….not just to save lives but to end them humanely and with love. Rejection Collection Boxer Rescue came to be his angel.

Being a small dog (Dachshund) Mom for as long as I can remember, I was never looking to adopt a big dog. I happened to see Mimzee's picture on the Rescue site and immediately knew we had to adopt her. I was out of my comfort zone but somehow I knew she had to belong to our family. At the time, our dog family consisted of Maggie (Doxie) and Mario (Doxie) and with Mimzee I told my husband, "they will be the three musketeers - three "M's" - it was meant to be. When Jody brought her to our house for the first meet and greet, I sat on the floor with MiMi and she let me hug her. I felt so much love from her. I didn't know how long we would have with her, but we were committed to giving her the most fun end-of-life time she could imagine. We went on walks, she chased balls, went to the parks, she did zoomies in the yard, chased my Doxies and then slept next to us after all her activities. She loved car rides, would stick her head out the window and I would watch her smile while the wind flapped in her face. When I would get home from work she would "talk" to me, do circles and was so excited. She was the best Boxer I could have ever found, such a sweet girl with a gentle heart. It breaks our hearts that she is gone, but we got to be a part of her life for 18 months. I will love you forever Mimi, and we miss you every day. Run happy my girl.

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