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"He was a determined sweetheart. He had such difficulty walking with his bad rear leg but he never let it stop him from following us around all day. We would find ourselves stopping in the middle of our chores just so he would sit with us and rest awhile . His eyes would find yours just to say thanks for your love, thanks for your help thanks for rescuing me. We were lucky enough to share Amos’s last weeks but it wasn’t even close to enough. We will miss that sweet soul." From RCBR:A special thank you to his foster family for rushing to get him out of the shelter knowing he would probably be hospice and for including him as part of your precious family.

He gave me that "help me" look early morning of the 16th, so I made the awful decision to let him go. I am a firm believer in quality over quantity and his look told me it was time. I had a hospice vet come to the ranch so that his passing was not in an unfamiliar place. My hospice vet came immediately and checked him to confirm my worst fears. Hospice was the most peaceful passing I have ever witnessed. He was eating pork chops in my lap when he crossed.  She was also superb with the other rescues and let them say goodbye too. He was given a private cremation and returned to me on Monday the 19th to join the others on my nightstand. 


You know he must have been on his own for some time before he was rescued as he was never one to let me cuddle and love him until that day. At least I got my cuddles and kisses in before he passed.
Very shortly after his passing all the others started barking and carrying on. I believe it was Abe's spirit coming back to the ranch as I could see him strutting down the street with my service dog. Happy bold healthy with wings.


Thank you for the opportunity to share my life with him although it was only 9 months he made an incredible impression on my life. 

Abigail Valentine
There are many words that describe Abigail Valentine, aka Abby -- sweet, happy, smiley, cuddly, gentle ... we could go on and on. Abby had many issues to deal with during her time with the rescue -- severe arthritis, edema, infections and mammary tumors. Through the surgeries and sickness, Abby remained sweet as cherry pie. Thank you to Sheila Brookins for being her foster/forever mom and guardian angel until the last breath. Run in sunshine and glory, Abigail Valentine.

Beaux was saved from a shelter in Virginia.He was only 4 years old and blind as well as other issues. Unfortunately, he had too many things stacked against him and was unable to overcome his medical issues. Thankfully, he was able to know nothing but love from his RCBR foster parents for his last days, even got a big peanut butter pancake before being helped to the bridge.

In the short 5 months that we’ve been together, we formed an incredible bond. I still remember the night I drove to Indiana to get you, and how you protected me at the rest stop on the way home. Our fun times of you wagging your tail when I got home from work, our games of “find it” with Rogue, walks and Jeep rides were a happy time in my life and in yours. The last month has been very difficult for you health wise, and the pain has made your days long and difficult. You were a very good dog Buddy, and you were my “Buddy”. Love you and I’ll miss you, but I can’t bear for you to be in pain any longer.

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