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Orion (fka Bobby)
It's with a very heavy heart that I have to let you know our sweet Orion "Bobby" "Bubba" F. crossed the bridge Monday 4-March-2024 after a brief illness, despite everyone's best efforts to help him. He was only with us a little over a year, but he was the absolute perfect boy for our herd. He loved playing with his puppy siblings in his yard and loved joining them in barking at the forest friends that came by daily, though he preferred to bay. I don't think his little stub stopped vibrating with joy the whole time he was with us. He was just full of pure love and happiness. We will miss him every day while he waits with our departed herdlings on the other side of the bridge until we get to join him again. Thank you RCBR for taking care of him when he needed you most and for bringing him into our lives. He is very special. We love you, Bubba. See you soon. -Jeff, Robyn, Atlas, and Ceres. 3/9/2024

Lola (aka Merlot)
Lola (aka Merlot) Crossed the Bridge 2/17/24 Lola was the sweetest, most timid boxer we’d ever encountered. We provided her with a safe and quiet environment to help calm her nerves. She loved homemade dog food, soft treats, and string cheese. She really loved our boxer girl Lucy and seemed to be constantly observing her, almost as if she was trying to learn how to be a dog. My favorite part of the day would be when both dogs would be in the backyard and Lola would get the zoomies running around Lucy. She seemed so happy doing this! Almost every picture we have of Lola is on our bed, as this was always her favorite place to be. She opened our eyes as to how “broken” some puppy mill dogs can be and she will always hold a special place in our hearts and be so incredibly missed.

Lilly Belle
February 23rd, 2024 was the day we said goodbye to a dog we never knew we needed. We believe Lilly knew better than us what it was we all needed when she came to us as a foster in June of 2020. Lilly Belle was our first foster fail. She captured Joel's heart when she first smiled at him and gazed into his heart. My mom was her biggest advocate for her to not have to start her life over again after coming to us at 11.5 yrs old. After adopting her she stood vigil by my mom as she passed, and I honestly don't know how I would have gotten through that 1st year without her. She has now seen us through the loss of my dad, who adored her too. She had that effect on people. She had an amazing sense of calm and sweetness to her soul that attracted people. She was the most tolerant with all the fosters that came after her, even when they wanted to share her bed and snuggle. She loved Joel, walkies, naps, treats and Don, our elderly neighbor, whom she had a serious crush on. She would lay on the front stoop, keeping a watchful eye out for him, and when she saw him in his yard, she HAD to go say hello. She was perfect from the night we picked her up through today. She was a warrior with determination to push through any obstacles in her path, or people or dogs. She dealt with 2 blown CCL'S, but still wanted to go on walks every day. She did a flight of 17 stairs several times a day without complaint, but needing more and more assistance, which she hated to accept. She found her mobility again after losing her ability to walk after experiencing vertigo through pure determination and will. Next was the Cushing's diagnosis which she handled well with natural treatment, but when that stopped working and meds were started, we saw a much different Lilly. She began to lose weight and muscle mass quickly and her balance and control of her legs worsened. Her quality of life was quickly slipping away. Lilly has never been a quitter and we realized that she would never give up, so it was up to us to help her when the time came. She showed us yesterday that it was her time. So, we took her to her favorite park, she walked a bit then rode in her wagon. We spent the day loving her along with Roscoe. After saying her goodbyes to Roscoe today, we stopped at Wendy's and she had a biggie meal with a bacon cheeseburger, chicken nuggets, fries and a vanilla frosty. I guess that's what we should have been feeding her all along, she loved it, but she was ready. She had fought a good fight and would have done her best to carry on the best she could, but we know she was tired and hurting and not living the life she deserved. At the age of 15 years 1 month and 26 days, Lilly Belle was "Lifted Up" and she was carried up to the Rainbow Bridge by our great love and appreciation for all she did for us. She was an amazing girl, and we will miss her gentle presence and the sound of her little sneezes and twinkle toes on the floor. She can now be a pony whenever she wants,

Lucy Crossed the Bridge 2/13/24 Miss Lucy was our first foster dog and quickly became our first foster “fail”. Despite being “dog selective”, having mastectomy surgery, Cushing’s Disease, Hypothyroidism, as well as a variety of skin conditions; she was the happiest girl and just wanted to be with her humans. She loved car rides, walks, and sleeping on all the furniture. Her favorite spot was our bed, often taking over my spot any time I moved out of it! This senior girl brought so much JOY to our family in her much too short time with us. She will be forever remembered and loved. Thank you RCBR for allowing us to love this wonderful dog and give her the life she deserved. Born 4/22/13 Lived her best life 8/21/22 - 2/13/24

I have had a hard time writing this tribute to Gabby. Everytime I go to write it, the tears just flow. I received Gabby in July of 2020. At that time I had been without a female boxer for 3 years. As Gabby realized she was safe and loved, she became a happy, vibrant, loving dog. She was a true blessing to me. Her favorite toy was those awful noisy pigs. She would take that thing and throw it up in the air and chase after it. That is unless she threw it up on the roof of the garage. She would always take her paw and grab my arm to demand belly rubs. She was most persistent. I think I miss that the most. I had Gabby for a little over 3 years. Which was not long enough. She filled a hole in my heart I didn't even know was empty. I'm not sure who rescued who. I would like to thank Rejection Collection Boxer Rescue for letting me love Gabby and give her the best 3 years of her life.

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