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Luna lived a life of making babies. She was not anyone’s pet and did not even get to live inside a house. But once RCBR stepped in, all of that changed. We were privileged to have Luna live her last days inside a warm home, on a comfy bed, surrounded by nothing but love from all humans and animals. Rest easy, sweet sweet Luna.

Bocephus (a/k/a Bo) was one of the “Divine 9” dogs that came to RCBR in June 2022. He was a beautiful dark brindle with a strong profile and striking pose. Bo spent a couple months in his foster home and was adopted in July 2022. Unfortunately, Bo met with an untimely accident and left this world far too quickly. ‘Til we meet again, Bo.

On February 23, 2022, there was a found stray weighing only 45 pounds. Canelo was given a slim chance of survival. We told Rejection Collection Boxer Rescue that if he could get from southern Texas to northern Minnesota, we would foster him. I met him in Duluth on March 27th. We helped him slowly heal; have a huge lump removed from his back; learn there would always be enough to eat; there would always be a soft, warm place to sleep. But most importantly, there would always be love. He officially became a Turner on August 2nd. He was such a funny little old man. He would grumble, fart, scratch his ear and fart, give the best stink eye when we were too noisy, and let you know when it was time to eat. He reminded Bobby of Cleetus from The Nutty Professor. And you could just picture him commenting in that same voice. He always waited until I had picked up all the poop in the yard, then mozy out in the yard and poop, and look at me like, “You missed a pile, Lady." He was a healthy 77 pounds the day he passed away. He managed to check off nearly everything on his bucket list. We had truly hoped to give him Thanksgiving and Christmas. But his little heart just could not hold out that long. We have had dogs our entire lives, and have loved them all. But there was something so very special about Canelo. He took a huge chunk of our hearts with him, and we will forever miss his grumpy face. We have no idea how old he was, but his best life began back on that fateful day in February. He was surrounded by love and tears when his soul gained wings on October 28th. We will love you forever Canelo Cleetus Turner.

Back in May 2021 we fostered sweet Sasha for just a couple of weeks before she was adopted. When our 16 year old dog, Penpo, passed away in November 2021 we were heartbroken. We said we would not get another dog for a long time. Well, that did not last long!! Sasha came back to the rescue and we did not pass up the opportunity to foster her again. We picked her up on January 1, 2022, and she settled back in right away. This little girl had a mind of her own and knew we would do anything for her. She loved sleeping in our bed, cuddling, going for walks, and especially looked forward to car rides to get her pup cup! Wherever we went, she went with us. She loved seeing all the neighborhood dogs when they walked by and always went to greet them. She was perfect for our family, so in June we made it official and adopted her. We did not have a lot of time with Sasha but we know she was happy and she filled our lives with a lot of love. In September she peacefully passed away licking a bowl of vanilla ice cream. Our house is again a quieter place, but the memories of her will always be with us! We love you Sasha!

Gabby was a sweet senior lady that captured the heart of her foster mama, who eventually became her forever mama. RCBR was more than happy to give you a fantastic retirement home before you crossed over The Rainbow Bridge with your mama by your side.

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