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Phil (RCBR Felix)
Felix/Phil I have started this email so many times but was too sad to finish. Our family said goodbye to Phil 10 days ago. He completed his heartworm treatment, got partial hearing back with acupuncture/tincture of time, and was starting to regrow soft healthy hair and look so handsome. More importantly, he was beloved by every employee of Companion Animal Hospital and a good number of our clients who would ask to come around the desk to let him and say “hi”. He went to work with me nearly every day, occasionally skipping “work” on very cold days, as his Texas upbringing made him despise the cold and deeper snow. I have loved five good Boxers in my 60 years, and Phil was both the toughest and the most loving and pure of soul. How any creature at the age of nine, could move from the only home he had ever known, completely blind and deaf, yet immediately trust those around him to love him. He turned down his first meal ever during the last week of December. All of his lab work was normal. When he skipped eating another day the following week, he had full body X-rays and an ultrasound performed. We found cancer and fluid everywhere. His x-rays in October had been normal. He spent his very last moment on earth licking the bottom of his second pup cup of the evening, laying on his favorite bed at the clinic. My commute is lonely. Long live the memory and spirit of Phil. Sincerely, Thea and Jon, Kristian (who shared his bedroom with Phil), Maura and Natalie Fransen

Roscoe, my first foster with RCBR, arrived from Missouri on August 26, 2022. He was a sweetheart of an old man, a gentle giant with a lovely gray face. He loved his daily walks around the ponds in my neighborhood. The walks were slow, sometimes he would stop without an apparent reason. I thought he was looking for a good spirit. Roscoe made friends with everyone he met along the way. Unfortunately, Roscoe had a rather large anal “bump” that began to interfere with his business. The decision was made to help him cross the Rainbow Bridge on October 20, 2022. It was a very peaceful journey. Roscoe was everything I love about boxers. Tracy

Oh, Henry! It is with the heaviest of hearts to share that Henry crossed the rainbow bridge November 30, 2022. Through the help of Rejection Collection, he rescued us March 29, 2020, and since then taught us so much – love, joy, kindness, patience, and perseverance. Henry was full of life! He loved any toy that squeaked, soaking in the sun, going for walks, cuddles, and going to work with his Dad everyday! He had slow progressing DM, but did not let that stop him from enjoying life. He simply adapted and never let it bring him down. We are forever thankful for being blessed with having the honor to be part of his life.

I first saw Dallas on Rejection Collection Boxer Rescue’s web site 3 years ago in a picture of her looking intently into the eyes of one of her transport angels, and I was immediately smitten. She was estimated to be 10 years at that time. After contacting RCBR and getting the approval to adopt, we met at the vet clinic and so began our time together. Dallas was under-weight at around 38 pounds yet healthy. We did a happy dance when she made it to 51 pounds! It took time but the silly Boxer personality and non-stop stub wag emerged, and she made me laugh daily. She talked to everyone walking on the path behind the house. At horse camp she talked to the horses and other campers. Her way of talking sounded more like a clucking chicken and she was quickly dubbed “chicken dog” or that “cluckin’ dog.” While she wasn’t as snuggly as other dogs I’ve had, over the last year she began to ask to come up and would sit with me for 5-15 minutes. After my neighbors lost their dog this past summer, she became a surrogate babysitter for them, keeping them company during the day. She became my shadow. She was my travel and camping companion for 3 years. She was sneaky fast and loved to run –much to my and the neighbor’s exasperation and consternation. I am fortunate to have been graced with her presence for 3 years until December 23, 2022, when we learned she was suffering from kidney failure that seemed to come on suddenly. While our time together was relatively short, she was loved fiercely and accepted completely for who and what she was, quirks and all!

Bentley came into my life on March 16, 2021. I was so excited to get him and bring him home. I had recently lost two boxers and knew he had some big paws to fill, but I knew he could do it. He was the most calm and quiet boxer I ever had. There’s a part of me that thinks he had Cushing’s disease even before I got him. Bentley loved his daily walks and it did me so much good to get exercise with him. He would lay around and sleep a lot and he didn’t really play with toys but when I snuggled up next to him, pet him and rubbed his belly, I knew he was happy. I believe that if my time with Bentley helped him to forget whatever his past was, then I did my job. He came to me at a time when I really needed him, and it was because of him I was able to begin to heal from the loss of both of my boxers. My time with him was nowhere near long enough, but when the time came, I held him close and thanked him for being my best friend and for loving me as much as I loved him. In the end, I think we rescued each other. I will NEVER forget how precious and loving Bentley was. He is a part of me then, now and always.

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