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We adopted Alix aka Max in August of 2020. He was pretty high strung in the beginning but eventually eased into our routine and easily became part of our family. Alix was a BIG boy with a kind and loving heart. He loved his family, his people and his fur sisters. He was always generous with hugs and kisses and always always up for a walk. He was protective and caring of his family and welcomed our friends and family. Alix also adored car rides, especially rides that resulted in walks in new places. He was gentle and loving, stubborn and caring of those he loved. Alix developed DM (degenerative myelopathy) and lost almost all his mobility in the back end. Saying goodbye to him was excruciatingly painful for us. But we know he is whole now and happy across the Bridge. Such a good boy, Alix. Such a good boy.

Sometimes a special dog comes along, bonds fast and furious to you and leaves too soon. That was the case with Hans, a young white deaf Boxer boy with a heart condition. Hans had gorgeous brown eyes that burrowed into my heart and soul and will stay there forever. He was a goofball most of the time, caused trouble half the time and loved and trusted me all the time. Hans thought he was a lap dog and cuddled up with me on the recliner every night to watch TV before bedtime. When bedtime came, he would rush to my bed to hog most of the bed for himself. In the morning I would wake up to Hans' head on my pillow and his hot breath in my ear. I was Hans' forever foster, we both knew he would never leave my home. Thank you, Hans, for entertaining me with your antics, keeping me on my toes with your naughtiness and providing love and comfort to me with your sweetness. Hans, you hold a special place in my heart for all you gave to me while teaching me about unconditional love and acceptance. I miss you so much. Love you forever, big white boy with the broken heart ~ Lucy Blake-Larsen

Our Molly girl is gone. She got sick and after having seizures, we decided the best thing for her would be to pass comfortably. We are heartbroken. I, Courtney, am admittedly a cat person, but due to various factors we are a dog family. So a year and a half ago we adopted (Poppy) Molly. I thought she was an awesome family dog but was not expecting her to capture my heart in a way that had previously been reserved for my cat, Mufasa, who I had my entire childhood. I’m so grateful for Molly and how she impacted our family. She loved on me right after we got her and made me believe she knew I needed her….we needed her. It’s been a few weeks, and I still cry almost daily. I don’t want to grieve her passing because she shouldn’t have had to pass, she should be here, loving us just as much as we love her.

You may be gone but you will always be remembered. We were privileged to love you for just over a year. Always silently watching us, we knew you were happy just being able to be around. We know Reese was at the Rainbow Bridge to greet you, and you are together once again cuddling as you sleep.

Stillborn puppy to Vanilla Cupcake
"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most space in your heart." Pooh Bear You were born silent, perfect and beautiful. You never had the chance to snuggle your siblings, nurse from your momma, feel life run through your body and participate in the joy of being someone's special pet. But we miss you just the same as if you had been born with a beating heart. You have left a huge hole in our rescue hearts. We will never forget you, sweet little puppy girl.

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